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Our Technology

The basic step in making a hologram is to create a master design. The master design is patent for a hologram and cannot be imitated as it is registered. Depending upon the client’s requirements, we offer options in master origination designs:

MASTERING Origination can be broadly classified in to 3 Major categories.:
1) 2D Origination
2) 3DOrigination
3) Dot-matrix origination
4) E-Beam Origination.

2D/3D Origination

Holographic Strip Supplier Holographic Strip Supplier2D & 3D holograms are made up of multiple two dimensional layers with images visually placed one behind another. There is a visual depth in the layers that produces an effect of 3D in the hologram.

Additional features that can be added for extra security:

Flip Flop/Switching

Holographic TapesDifferent images evolve when viewed at different angles

Kinetic Animation

Holographic StripsMinor or small animation movements are added in the holograms

True Colour

Holographic Strips ExporterThe image of a person that is embossed in the hologram appears in its original color even when viewed at different angles

3d Stereo Gram

A true 3D effect is given in the hologram

Hidden Text

Holographic Tapes Exporters A special film is required to see the hidden code or text in the hologram

Laser Viewable

There are hidden texts or codes in the hologram that are visible under a Laser Pointer

DOT MATRIX Origination

Holographic Tapes ManufacturerThese holograms are made from computer generated masters and are created from array of smaller units or dots using high resolutions of pixels. When illuminated under a white light source, the dot matrix holograms produce tiny spots of color due to diffraction grating. Addition of kinetic animations makes these holograms as the most secure and reliable brand promotion tool.

Additional features that can be added for extra security:

a) Microtext: Characters of micron sizes are embossed on the holograms that can only be read under a magnifying glass
b) CLR Images: Variety of animated patterns like moving lines can be added in the hologram
c) Hidden Text or Laser Viewable Text : Codes or texts are embossed in the hologram that are visible only under a laser source

EBeam Origination

Holographic TapesE-beam origination creates holograms with high resolution. With this technology, the characters or textures that are beyond the micro dimensions can be easily transferred to the surface of hologram.


Holographic Strips Suppliers This technology ensures a high level of security in the holograms. Nano texts or very fine texts are added in the holograms that are only visible under an electron microscope.
Extra security features that can be added in the nano text holograms are as follows:

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