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Holograms for Pharma Sector

Holograms for Pharma Sector

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We have specifically designed Holograms for Pharma Sector to seal the pharmaceutical products impeccably. These holograms are designated by making use of hard and soft aluminum with the employment of advanced printing techniques. Our holograms in the combination of holographic stripe provide authenticity to the pharma products. The hologram assortment offers unique identity to the export drugs.

  • Wear & tear proof
  • Strong adhesiveness
  • Printing Clarity
  • Water resistant
  • Alluring design
  • Vivacious color pattern
  • Security purposes
  • Packaging the drugs
  • Sealing the pharma bottles
  • Tablet packaging

Scratch Holograms for Security Purposes

Scratch Holograms for Security Purposes
We produce quality Scratch Holograms for Security Purposes, majorly used in covering or hiding pin codes for lottery, ticket, bank document, discount coupons etc. Our company produces both hot stamping foil scratch hologram as well as scratch hologram stickers. We employ advanced technologies and techniques in manufacturing holograms with scratch coating.

  • Unique holograms
  • Manufactured on international parameters
  • Quality adhesive used
  • Fully customized
  • Mobile cards
  • Mobile cards
  • Gift vouchers

Transparent Holograms for Making The Packaging Appealing

Transparent Holograms For Making The Packaging Appealing
We offer quality Transparent Holograms for making the packaging appealing, demanded in industries such as cosmetics, identity documents, drafts, passports, etc. these are see through holograms, typically used for document protection where the need is to secure some vital information. We offer stock and custom transparent holograms that are unique imprint to insure there are no counterfeiting possible.

  • Clear visibility
  • Superb packaging solution
  • Finest colors and patterns
  • Cost effective and attention seeking
  • Driving licenses
  • Bank checks
  • Passports

Lenticular Holograms

Lenticular Holograms
We manufacture supreme quality holograms that are digital print on hard paper sheets. It is formed of special plastic two-frame or three frames, requiring similar number of digital files. These are attractive as it has more than one dimension and thus draws attention of people. Our Lenticular prints are produced on a traditional four colour offset press and are typically suitable for printing postcard, labels, stickers and sensitive products.

  • Strong adhesiveness
  • 360 degree viewing and full colour
  • Portable
  • Waterproof

  • Books
  • Automobiles
  • Postcards
  • Cartoon gifts

Holograms Strips For Tablet Packs

Holograms Strips For Tablet Packs
We are the maker of finest holograms strips for table packs used in pharmaceutical industry. We manufacture these holograms with latest technology and make sure it holds strong adhesiveness strength. It ensures the authenticity of medicines and makes it easier to recognize. Our hologram strips are distinctive and unique; therefore no duplicate hologram for tablet packs can be made.

  • Anti-counterfeiting design
  • Multi color hologram with accordance to brand logo
  • Sturdy adhesiveness
  • Unique design
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Drugs industry

Holograms Seals for Medicine Bottles

Holograms Seals for Medicine Bottles
We manufacture principle range of Hologram Seals for medicine bottles, required for providing identification and keeping legitimacy of the medicine. The materials used are vinyl, PVC, PE, BOPP etc, have suited properties for giving strong adhesiveness. The hologram seals for medicine bottles have fine and clear text and are completely water proof with longevity and elegant design

  • Superior printing quality
  • High glossy finish
  • Clear printing
  • Wear and tear proof
  • Multi color pattern
  • Syrups
  • Injections
  • Water packs

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