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Q.1 What is a hologram?
Holograms are 3D images that are created by superimposition of 2D surfaces. When viewed at different angles, the holograms produce different view of the images. These are printed on a set of ultra-thin silver plates that are then made to diffract light and produce 3D effect. The holograms are embossed and not printed. Therefore, these are the most reliable and secure source of brand protection.

Q.2 Can Holograms be duplicated?
No, a hologram can never be duplicated or imitated due to following reasons:
a) Holograms are made through an inkless process and that is why these are impossible to copy or scan
b) Master design required for single hologram is patent to that hologram only
c) Cost and technique involved in the creating holograms is expensive

Q.3 What are the other steps Holosecurity Technologies takes to prevent duplication of Holograms made by it?
There is IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association) Hologram Image Roster as a regulatory body that registers each and every single master design for a hologram. When registered with the organization, the client becomes the authorized copy owner of the hologram image across the world.

Q.4 Apart from Brand Protection do Holograms serve any other purpose?
The 3D holograms are used as the most cost effective tool for brand protection and even for brand promotion. The colorful images and patterns embossed on the holograms make them quite appealing and eye catching to customers. The product with a hologram is considered to be from a reputed company. A product or any electronic product with a hologram on it ensures that the product is original and not duplicated by counterfeiters.

Q.5 What are the various forms in which holograms are available?

Q.6 How can holograms be applied on the products?
Holograms to be used on small scale are applied manually and automatic machines are used for large scale application.

Q.7 Why are Hologram labels most popular?
The hologram labels are quite popular in every sector as these ensure brand protection. The hologram labels are very easy to use due to their self adhesive feature.

Q.8 What are Tamper evident Holograms?
The tamper evident holograms ensure tamper evidence of official and important documents as these holograms are difficult to remove once pasted on the surface.

Q.9 What are the various tamper evident patterns on offer?

Q.10 What is the minimum quantity of holograms to order ?
We are capable enough to accomplish any amount of order for holograms.

Q.11 How to select the mastering Origination options?
The choice for mastering origination depends upon the budget of the client and the level of security required. On the level of security, 2D & 3D and dot matrix offer medium security and E-beam offer highest level of security in the holograms.

Q.12 How long does it take to supply the Holograms?
We are capable of delivering the order on same day or within 45 days depending upon the amount of order.

Q.13 What are the payment options available?
There are two modes of payments available for our clients:

Q.14 How will the Holograms be dispatched?
We dispatch our orders through various national and international courier companies. Clients can even use their own cargo accounts for the delivery of orders.

Q.15 Whats the ordering procedure for Holograms?

Q.16 Do you have Instant or ready Holograms?
Yes, we have instant holograms in stock that can be shipped on the same day in any quantity.

Q.17 Which Businesses or sectors can use Holograms?

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